Sports: Salute Their Shorts

By Molly Webster

In track and field—where one-tenth of a second is the difference between the gold and going home—aerodynamic gear is a must. But on a planet overflowing with landfills, sustainable products are important, too. Nike presents the perfect combo: a new line of eco-friendly runners’ wear for pro and Olympic athletes, some of whom are sporting the threads at the Beijing Summer Olympics. The Swift Track & Field line includes items like unitards and socks made from recycled polyester extracted from old soda bottles and fabric scraps. The apparel is as effective as it is eco,  potentially saving an athlete two-hundredths of a second in the race for a medal. “We haven’t sacrificed an ounce of performance to create a sustainable product,” says Nike spokesperson Morgan Shaw. Look out for Chinese competitor Liu Xiang, who’ll be wearing a recycled (and recy­clable) singlet/short combo as he leaps over hurdles at record speeds.

Issue 25

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