Pop Culture: The Green Invasion

From eco-friendly films to progressive podcasts, Plenty picks the best in summer entertainment

IT’S CREEPING THROUGH your favorite bookstore. It’s lurking at your local megaplex. It lives in the eerie glow of your television. It’s broadcasting its messages over the airwaves. Books, movies, TV, radio—no medium is safe from the green invasion!

But citizens of the world need not be afraid. After all, this infiltration is no surprise. As our planet heats up, the environment is becoming a hot topic in popular culture, with eye-opening and entertaining results. In the pages that follow, Plenty explores how sci-fi films, from Soylent Green to Star Wars, have addressed planetary doom in both silly and profound ways, and why the first-ever summer blockbuster, Jaws, has made the world a dangerous place for sharks. We’ll also help you pick a great work of eco-literature, from classics like Sometimes a Great Notion to the newest fun summer reads. You’ll find out how mainstream TV shows like West Wing and Days of Our Lives are sending subliminal save-the-earth messages, and how a new network, Lime, is uniting the green community. And whether you’re into old-school radio or on-the-go podcasts, we’ll tell you where to tune in for the best eco-commentary. Also, we interview the host of NPR’s Living on Earth, Steve Curwood, and discover the difficulties of covering the eco beat.

There’s no need to run from the eco-revolution. Give in and immerse yourself in green this summer.

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Issue 25

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