Plenty Tip - Junk in the Junk Mail

Flyers, credit card applications, and coupon books aren’t only annoying, they use trees and add to the waste stream. But stopping them is next to impossible. You’d need to contact the Direct Marketing Association, credit bureaus, and catalog distributors individually. Who has that kind of time?

There’s a better way vanquish junk mail. Two new organizations, and, will contact direct marketers and other companies on your behalf and have them remove your name from mailing lists. Both companies also take extra steps to preserve the environment: Greendimes plants one tree a month for each of its members, while 41Pounds donates over half its profits to environmental groups, local schools, and youth groups. Membership fees are modest—41Pounds charges $41 for five years of coverage, and Greendimes costs $36 a year or $360 for a lifetime membership.

Issue 25

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