Plenty Labs: Sweat Equity

By Kiera Butler

Since I discovered the joys of smelling like Teen Spirit, I’ve been a slave to traditional antiperspirants. But when I heard they might cause serious health problems, I did some research. Some reports claim parabens (preservatives in some deodorants) have been found in breast tumors, but a link to cancer has never been proven. The rumor that aluminum (another common ingredient) causes Alzheimer’s disease is also unsubstantiated. Still, I decided to give natural deodorants a whirl. These chemical-free formulas won’t keep you dry all day, but they do have their perks—they’re known to be gentler on the skin, and scents from plants beat the heck out of abrasive chemical smells.

Nature’s Gate Organics: Lemongrass & Clary Sage Deodorant
$4.40, 1.7 oz.
Accent on the lemongrass. This deodorant’s strong, citrus-y smell is refreshing, and it’s 70 percent certified organic to boot. It can be a little sticky, especially if you apply it fresh out of the shower, so it’s best to dry off first.

Kiss My Face: Active Enzyme Scented Deodorant
$3.49, 2.48 oz.
This deodorant boasts a vegetable enzyme that neutralizes odors, and it contains baking soda and clay to absorb perspiration. One caveat: If flowery isn’t your thing, this one might not be for you, since its scent is almost like perfume. 

Jason: Apricot Deodorant Stick
$5.41, 2.5 oz.
Apricot might seem like a strange scent for a deodorant, but it’s actually quite pleasant. It does tend to leave some residue on shirts, but its endurance is excellent—the fruity fragrance typically lasts all day.

Earth Science: Liken Natural Deodorant
$5.95, 2.5 oz.
Calendula, sage, goldenseal, ginger, coriander, and lichen plant give this deodorant its clean, subtle scent. It feels smooth and moisturizing going on, and despite its opaque white color, it doesn’t streak.

Tom’s of Maine: Calendula Natural Deodorant Stick
$3.29, 2.25 oz.
An old standby, Tom’s deodorant is also most widely available of the bunch—it’s sold at most mainstream drugstores. Although its scent doesn’t have the staying power of some of the other deodorants, a touch-up works wonders.

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