Plenty Event Calendar: August and September

3 – 6
Every year, hundreds of the world’s best athletes flock to Los Angeles to defy gravity at the X Games. See page 84 for our story about how green the X Games have become. (

The Perseid Meteor Shower, which is visible to the Northern Hemisphere from August 10 to September 17, peaks today. (

12 - 13 Businesses, educators, and government will join together in an informative exhibition of energy-related topics at the Energy Solutions Expo in Tivertown, Ontario. (

12 - 13 The Illinois Renewable Energy Association seeks to educate citizens about eco-lifestyle options at the annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair in Oregon, IL. (

15 - 17
Reminiscent of Midwestern homecoming gatherings, the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Conference in Oconomowoc, WI, features activities to help farmers, policy makers, and agribusiness professionals explore paths to more sustainable agriculture. (

19 - 20 The world’s leading experts and activists for industrial hemp- and marijuana-law reform will come together at the 15th annual Seattle Hempfest. Activities include political speeches, musical performances, and the world’s largest pro-hemp rally. (

19 - 20 First held in 1996 to commemorate the opening of Hopland’s Solar Living Center, Sol Fest is now the premier environmental festival in Northern California. This annual celebration features an electric vehicle parade, exhibits displaying the newest green technologies, and educational workshops. (

25 - 27 The Southern Energy & Environment Expo, held annually in Fletcher, NC, is an opportunity for the public to learn how they can make their lives greener. In addition to the usual booths and presentations, the expo features a “clean air” car fair and tours of green buildings. Attendees are also encouraged to take advantage of the on-site campgrounds. (

1 Sponsored by the Organic Trade Association, Organic Harvest Month is a time for retailers to educate the public about the health and environmental benefits of organic products. Show your support by stopping by your neighborhood farmer’s market and buying direct from one of your local organic farmers. (

1 - 4 The Dogstock Music and Camping Festival, held annually on an animal-rescue farm in Melburn, KS, raises funds for the Akita Adoption and Rescue Foundation. Visitors are encouraged to bring along their dogs and to set up camp on the 81-acre plot. (

7 Observed annually in Australia, National Threatened Species Day was first held in 1996 to commemorate the death, in 1936, of the last Tasmanian Tiger in captivity. All over the continent, organizations will use this day to help raise community awareness through exhibitions, festivals, and other educational activities. (

16 In 1994, the UN declared September 16 the International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Countries all over the world hold their own activities to promote ozone awareness. (

16 - 17 The Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins, CO, is designed to educate citizens about sustainable living practices. Kids will love the Planet Youth area, which features educational activities and crafts. Big kids will love Zen Zone, a meditation area complete with life-size zen sandbox, and the beer garden. (

22 World Carfree Day. Ditch the gasguzzler and hop on your bike.

22 - 24 Ride on the bio-diesel fueled “Jiggle Bug” train, and then enjoy some New Belgium beers and ales created with 100% wind power at the Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair in Fredericksburg, TX. (

28 - 30 Members of the green building community come together for the West Coast Green conference in Los Angeles, CA. For three days, thousands of businesses network and learn about the latest advancements in green design. (

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