Office Space

The workplace is polluted enough (bad coffee, your cluttered inbox). These supplies and furnishings keep wastes to a minimum

Desk Job
A modern design made with modern materials:sustainable wood, eco-friendly veneers, and zero-VOC laminates. Knu Desk, $1,080

1|See the light
Sleek and functional, this desk lamp uses 20 LEDs, each of which consumes 40% less power than a single compact fluorescent bulb of the same brightness. Leaf Light, $499

2|Paper with Provenance
Recycled notebooks spell out their origins with covers emblazoned with messages like, “I used to be a juice carton…” Remarkable recycled notebooks, $4.95 to $15.55

3|Sit and spin
Ultra-ergonomic, this design classic is fully adjustable so it’s as comfortable as it is eco-friendly. A whopping 96% percent of its materials are recyclable, and it’s designed for easy disassembly. Herman Miller Mirra Task Chair, $799

4|Write now
All the refillable pens in this new line are made from at least 65% recycled material. BegreeN Pilot Pens, $16.99 for 12

A desk necessity, the handles of these shears are made from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic.
Acme Kleenearth Recycled Scissors, $6.49 for an 8-inch pair

6|Card games
Keep business cards handy with a holder that’s a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll. Recycled Bicycle Chain Business Card Holder, $19

7|Hold it together
No staples required—this handy little gadget cuts out tiny strips of paper and uses them to stitch together up to three sheets of paper. Staple-Free Stapler, $24 for a pack of six

8|Put a cork in it
Create your own patterned trivets, table runners, and mousepads with interlocking tiles made of natural cork, a renewable and recyclable material. Mio Haute Surface Cork Tiles, $20 for 12 tiles

9|Stick to it
These virtual sticky notes live on your computer’s desktop and won’t fall off like traditional paper ones. Post-it Digital Notes software, $19.99

10|Scrap happy
Made from wood scraps collected from New York–based businesses likeSteinway Pianos and Bettencourt Green Building Supplies, these storage cubes are pieced together using non-toxic glues. Scrapile Storage Cube, $382

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