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June/July 2008

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The Seven Eco Wonders of the World

Present and future landmarks that embody our new era of sustainability in a way that past lists never could have

By CC Sullivan

Adventures of a Lifetime

It’s not hard to put together a list of classic encounters with the natural world: journeying across the Serengeti, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro. But the adventures on our list go a step further, helping us discover our place on this planet. From the ancient hunting rituals of the Kalahari Bushmen to the migration trails of polar bears, these ten trips are sure to awe and inspire.

By Jeff Hull

On the Road

We’ve compiled 88 of our favorite spots across the continental United States (and 200 and counting online) to inspire eco-conscious road-tripping that supports local economies. With our list in hand, you can plot a day off or a month-long journey. However you go about searching for American majesty, remember—the country offers a vast terrain for eco-minded travelers.

By Kimberly Fusaro and Madhu Puri

Carbon Rush

A trillion-dollar market could be created as early as next year if the US decides to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. While consultants and financiers scramble to stake their claim in the carbon rush, the question that remains is: Will the environment emerge as the winner?

By Victoria Schlesinger

Letter from the Editor

The Road Trip Goes Eco

By Mark Spellun

Land of Plenty

Our readers across the country (and around the world) are making strides toward living the green life and creating a modern Land of Plenty. We've selected a few of their eco accomplishments - both big and small - to share. Send us stories about how you're trying to make a difference; we'll choose the best to publish in an upcoming issue of the magazine

By You

Ask Plenty

Why should I pay more for grass-fed beef?; Seafood is one of my favorite things about summer - what can I eat without depleting the oceans of ingesting mercury?

By Tobin Hack


One Shot: Grand Prize Auto

By the Numbers: Park Place

A look at what's going on in America's national parks

He Said/She Said

Auto: The Miles High Club

By Tobin Hack

Eco Speak: Green Fatigue

The Big Picture

By Bob Ekstein

Art: Lord of the Rings

By Molly Webster

Gardening: Creature Comforts

By Alisa Opar

Travel: The Buck Stops Here

By Joshua Payne

Conservation: I Sea Dead People

By Kate Howell

Act Out: Take it or Leave It

By Nicole Scarmeas

Tech: You've Got the Power

By Sarah Parsons

Trend: Empires Strike Bags

By Julia Ross

Eco-Meter: Best in Shows

You know it's summer when the onslaught of music festivals begin. Take a look at how some eco shows stack up

Life in the Green Zone

Lizz Winstead goes loco trying to buy local

By Lizz Winstead


Science: New Oyster Cult

Scientists are looking to sponges, mussels, and oysters to clean up polluted waterways

By Alisa Opar

Science: Bat Grave

Scientists are racing to discover what killed thousands of bats last winter

By Alisa Opar

Science: Beat the Heat

By Victoria Schlesinger

Science: Findings

Science: Ask a Scientist

Why does hurricane season begin in June?

By Sarah Parsons

Business: Strange Crude

Thanks to next-generation versions that won't require new infrastructure, biofuels are the next big thing - again

By Melinda Wenner

Business: Coming Clean

Venture Capital Cleantech Investment

By Helen Kaiao Chang

Business: Buyer Beware

Tech: When It Rains It Pours

Raindrops may be the next source of renewable energy

By Sandra Upson

Tech: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Burying CO2 could help combat global warming

Tech: On the Drawing Board

Trash Talk

By Nicole Scarmeas

Tech: Patent Watch

Pond Scum Power

By Sandra Upson

Activist in Residence: Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben tackles the congestion pricing issue by offering an unexpected alternative: free public transit for all

By Bill McKibben


People: Eco Star - Lenny Kravitz

11 questions for the man who hates to be called a hippie

By Adam Spangler

Food: In Vino Gravitas

As temperatures heat up in the world's grape-growing regions, winemakers face incredible opportunities and unforeseen challenges. How are they responding to the shifting fortunes of climate change? In a word: adaption.

By Gretchen Roberts

Food: Sustainability in a Bottle

Wine quality depends on many variables - climate change and weather patterns, the caliber of the grapes, the winemaker's skill - but sustainable growing and operating practices go a long way toward producing better vintages. Here are a few of our favorite bottles

By Gretchen Roberts

Food: Easy as 1-2-Tea

By Jessica Tzerman

Food: Farm to Fork with Dan Barber

Dan Barber eschews industrial-size strawberries in favor of smaller, less uniform fruits to make a cool summertime treat

By Dan Barber

Home: Bursting the Bubble

By bringing customization to the prefab world, the architects behind the Burst house are minimizing waste and winning accolades from the Museum of Modern Art

By Amber Bravo

Home: High-Low Split

Eco-chic home accessories for any budget

Trash to Treasure: Stool Work

Max McMurdo gives new life to bulk packages by transforming them into multipurpose storage seats

By Max McMurdo

The Green Fiend

Annemarie Conte is hearing wedding bells. But if the day is to be remembered forever, does offsetting the whole thing erase some of the permanence?

By Annemarie Conte

Style: Making Waves

Hit the beach in eco-friendly style

By Ann Wycoff

Style: Lather Up

The gift of good grooming just got gentler for Father's Day

By Jessica Hartshorn

Style: Trendwatch

Biodynamic Beauty

Style: Reducing Their Footprint

Reducing Their Footprint

By Zoe Cormier

Review: Green Media

New music, film, and reading for the ecophile

By Tobin Hack

Green Gear:

Summer Lovin'

High-concept designs with a low-key vibe make it easy to stay cool all season long

By Jessica Tzerman

Plenty Labs:

Screening Process

Natural sunscreens that offer maximum fun in the sun

By Stacey Stapleton

Clean Genies

Testing lean, mean purifiers in a bottle

By Alexandra Zissu

City Smarts

Smart's ForTwo offers a premium feel in a pint-sized package

By Stuart Schwartzapfel

Green, Greener Greenest

I love spending time outdoors in the summer but worry about mosquitoes and ticks. What's the best way to prevent bites?

By Lori Bongiorno

Trade This for That

Why switch from a regular incandescent bulb or a compact fluorescent to the Pharox?

Last Word

A New Yorker learns to glow in the dark at one of Puerto Rico's bioluminescent bays

By Sloane Crosley

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