The Car of the Future

April/May 2008

Cover of Issue 21

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Go, Clean Racer, Go

Yes, the auto industry is ripe for revolution - but what will the car of the future look like? What's under the hood? Who will make it? And when will that clean machine (silently) roar? One expert surveys the scene.

By Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

The People's Weather

At this summer’s Beijing Olympics, China puts a 50-year experiment to the test: Officials are betting weather modification can keep the sun shining on the Games. Despite shaky science, the government is confident (not for the first time) that man can best nature. Whatever their chances, there’s plenty at stake—because all that development and urban renewal won’t look so good beneath a curtain of smog.

By Tom Scocca

Disappearing Destinations

Oftentimes, the journey is the ultimate goal. But with these seven regions in transition, the story is in the hot spots themselves

Letter from the Editor

The Car of the Future (Coming sooner than you think)

By Mark Spellun


One Shot: A New Leaf

He Said/She Said

Politics: Presidental Smackdown

Where do the leading candidates stand of environmental issues?

By Ben Whitford

Eco Speak: Anthropocene

The Big Picture

By Bob Ekstein

Film: Keep it Reel

By Tobin Hack

Music: Calls of the Wild

By T.H.

Nightlife: Good, Clean Fun

By Eric Demby

Tech: TV Turnover

By Susan Cosier

Burning Question

How Will You Celebrate Earth Day 2008?

Life in the Green Zone

Lizz Winstead comes clean as a McDonald's french fry predator. Yup, she's lovin' it.

By Lizz Winstead


Science: Acid Influx

Side effects may include coral demise, beach erosion, and biodiversity loss

By Victoria Schlesinger

Science: Lost in Migration

Birds that navigate vast distances are especially vulnerable to climate change

By Sarah Parsons

Ask a Scientist

Why is smog worse in the summer?


Business: Solar Synergy

Dot-com meets green in Sun Microsystems' Blackbox

By Dan Fost

Business: Bakelite 2.0

By Steven Kotler

Business: Values Funds

By Helen Kaiao Chang

Tech: Sunny Forcast

Solar energy on the rise

Tech: Electrifying Breakthroughs

Better battery technology will make eco cars road-ready

By Victoria Schlesinger

Tech: On the Drawing Board

Solar Plane & Beyond LEDs

Activist in Residence

Bill McKibben takes stuffporn (that stack of unwanted catalogs in your mailbox) to task

By Bill McKibben


People: Eco Star - Jack Johnson

10 questions for the man who would make a killer opening act if Mother Nature were playing live at your local arena

Travel: Trip Fix

A volunteer vacation in Guatemala lets you have fun while helping the country rebuild

By Jennifer Block

Going Places: Miami

If you're one of the seven million tourists visiting South Beach this year, it's best to tread lightly. Here's how.

By Andrew Paine Bradbury

Travel: Capitol Improvements

Travel: Glass Act

Travel: Rocking the Boat

Food: Into the Wild

More locally minded than locavore and more fundamental than organic, foraging is the next - and most natural - food frontier

By Jen Murphy

Food: Salt of the Earth

By Jessica Tzerman

Food: Special Delivery

Food: Farm to Fork with Dan Barber

Dan Barber elevates ingredients like asparagus, peas, and farm-fresh eggs into a spectacular spring dish

By Dan Barber

Food: The Hautest State

By Heather Wagner

Home: To the Lighthouse

Architect Walter Brooks' self-described "little house of light" delivers big ideas for living simply and sustainably

By Amber Bravo

Home: Ins & Outs

Investment pieces to enliven a room or patio

By Heather Wagner

DIY: Trash to Treasure

Artful Nesting Tables

By Ki Nassauer & Sue Whitney

The Green Fiend

Annemarie Conte makes grass-fed cheese - and a royal mess - in her kitchen

By Annemarie Conte

Style: Design of the Times

Top eco clothiers share what they like about the latest crop of earth-friendly fabrics

By Zoe Cormier

Capsule Reviews: Green Media

New music, film, and reading for the envirophile

By Tobin Hack

Green Gear:

Eternal Spring

Picks for making the most out of the spring season - rain or shine

By Jessica Tzerman

Plenty Labs:

Organic Cereals

We sampled a cartful of boxes to find the tastiest and most nutritious

By Mia Owen

Antiaging Moisturizers

By Stacey Stapleton

Best of the Rest: Spring Cleaning

Trade This for That: Compact Discs

Green, Greener, Greenest

Three-tiered solutions to dry cleaning

By Lori Bongiorno

The Last Word

Karaoke can be fun - but try being the resident crooner to a pair of farm animals

By Doug Dine

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