Turning Ideas Into Action

February/March 2008

Cover of Issue 20

Featured in this issue:

Monkeying with the Message

How can we change not only our nation's climate policy but our environmental behaviors, too? The answer is not as splashy as you'd think - and it might involve primates and shopping.

Budding Movement

Farmers are searching for guidelines to address environmentally sound flower-growing practices. But the array of certifications available to them raises just as many questions as it provides answers.

Way Beyond the Science

Few people ever win a MacArthur "genius grant." Even fewer people can lay claim to helping find not one but two new species of primates. And only one person has helped preserve Madagascar's legendary biodiversity through all-night rum drinking ceremonies. Meet Patricia Wright.

By Steven Kotler

Roots of the Cost

The business of carbon neautrality is booming. But how fair is the trade?

By Anna Sussman

Letter from the Editor

The World in Green

By Mark Spellun


One Shot: Bear Necessities

By Alisa Opar

By the Numbers: Got Milk?

He Said/She Said

Film: Roll Out the Green Carpet

Eco Speak: Ethicurean

The Big Picture

By Bob Ekstein

Cause Celeb: Superhero of the Seas

El Hijo del Santo's quest to protect sea turtles and coastal ecosystems

By Tara Fitzgerald

Science: Science on the Rocks

By Sarah Parsons

Burning Question

What should follow the Kyoto Protocol?

Transport: Pedal Pushers

By Jodi Helmer

Pets: See Spot Recycle

By Jeanette Hurt

Wildlife: Turtle Power

By Alisa Opar

Music: Rock and Rolls

By James Sherwin

Style: Seed of Change

By Jessica Tzerman

Life in the Green Zone

Lizz Winstead on recycling family heirlooms

By Lizz Winstead


Science + Tech: Night Light

Scientists are combatting light pollution in some of the nation's most pristine areas

Ask a Scientist

Is spring coming earlier due to climate change?

By As told to Sarah Parsons

Science + Tech: Bringing Home the Transgenic Bacon

Science + Tech: Magic Muck


Business: Hydrogen Boom

Iceland pioneers with hydrogen power

By David Sokol

Business: Organic, Supersized

By Steven K. Lee

Business: Kernel Truths

Nature: The New Bees on the Block

The buzz on honeybees and their native counterparts

By Alisa Opar


People: Eco Star Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake and her new documentary on home birth

By Jennifer Block

Travel: Car-Free Islands

Take a vacation from the stress of traffic, gas and car travel

By Justin Nobel

Going Places: Barcelona

Exploring Barcelona's eco and stylish hotspots

By Adriana V. Lopez

Travel: Full Mettle Jacket

By Michael Dolan

Travel: In the Bluff

A new spa raises the bar for sustainable luxury and service

By Sarah Schmidt

Travel: Transportation Nation

By Christine Cyr

Food: Sweet Satisfaction

For many of the country's finest purveyors of artisanal chocolate, the search for distinctive quality is now rooted in ethics as well as taste

By Madhu Puri

Food: Farm to Fork with Dan Barber

Delicious and hearty, Lamb Pot au Feu is the perfect one-dish meal for wintertime

By Dan Barber

Food: Noodle Me This

Plenty finds out which organice pastas stand up to the calling of our colander

By Amy Zavatto

Home: Sea Change

The design and construction of the Loblolly House

By Heather Wagner

Home: Ins & Outs

When it's cold outside, whimsical, far-from-gloomy designs like these bring fun and function indoors

Style: Climate Change Clothes

With global warming throwing temperatures into constant flux, these layered looks prepare you for whatever weather comes your way

By Nicole Zerillo

Style: Be Label Smart

How to read beauty product labels

By Mia Owen

Green Gear:

The Best of Intentions

Gear to help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Plenty Labs:

Non-Dairy Milks

Plenty's reviews of the best of non-dairy milks

By Eileen Gunn

Electric Shock

These new devices help you track - and reduce - excess energy usage

By Eileen Gunn

Best of the Rest: Hitachi Deskstar P7K500

By Mike Dolan

It's a Wash

Lather up naturally to fight the spread of germs

By Jessica Hartshorn

Trade This For That: Pens

By Jessica Tzerman

Book Reviews

Plenty reviews five books

By Tobin Hack

The Green Fiend

Annemarie Conte shares (the good and the bad) experiences of converting her car to run on used cooking oil

By Annemarie Conte

The Last Word

Rick Moody explores Arizona's Sabino Canyon

By Rick Moody

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