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December/January 2008

Cover of Issue 19

Featured in this issue:

Animal Attractions

Explore a new predator-ridden savannah, stalk the elusive black rhino, dodge a charging elephant—eco tourism in southern Africa is one wild ride

By Kate Siber

The Unlikely Environmentalist

How one skater dude stole an idea from NASCAR, created a nearly million-dollar restoration project, and helped revive the mighty Mississippi

By Adam Hinterthuer

The Next Great Hunt

Reviving genetically pure bison and reintroducing them to their former home may be the key to saving both the species and the magnificent Great Plains

By Jim Robbins

Letter from the Editor

Green Giving

By Mark Spellun


One Shot: Pining Away

By Alisa Opar


Is there an eco-friendly way to warp and send gifts this holiday season?

By Susan Cosier

Hut Hut

How to build an igloo

By Tobin Hack

Crops and Robbers

Green initiatives at Cedar Creek Corrections Center

By Anne Casselman

Burning Question

What's your new year's eco resolution?

Going Places: Chattanooga

River Town on a Roll

By Hilda J. Brucker

By the Numbers: Snow

No Business Like Snow Business

The Big Picture: Re-Gift It

By Jessica Hagy

Draft Dodgers

Is putting plastic on windows the best way to keep heat from escaping during winter?

By Sarah Parsons

Paper Trailers

Pucker Up

Our picks for the best balms your bucks can buy

By Sarah Parsons

Life in the Green Zone

Celebrated comedian Lizz Winstead goes on a green cleaning spree—and accidentally cleans out her bank account

By Lizz Winstead


People: Eco Star KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall dishes, from her most heinous eco sin to the ideal carpool buddy

By Colleen Kane

Tech: CO2 Sucker

Vacumming CO2 clear out of the skies

By Jennifer Nelson

Tech: Smoke and Mirrors

By Jim Sherwin

From the Drawing Board: UbiGreen


Ask a Scientist

How will La Nina affect the weather this winter?

By Sarah Parsons

Tech: Ditching the Dump

By Susan Brackney

Business: On the Market

Business: Kerching Kergreen

By Tobin Hack

Business: Heating up the Airwaves

A radio station in New Mexico rocks out on solar power

By Ross Burns

Motion: Driving on Air

This hot little car packs air and emits nothing but a cool breeze

By Eric Mack

Thinking: Don't Dispute the Messengers

Introducing the newest member of the global warming documentary club; Michael Pollan's defense of food; into the wild with Craig Childs

Thinking: Beastie Boy

Book - The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

By Joshua Payne

Thinking: New and Noteworthy

By Sarah Parsons

Wild World: Waking Up Early

Hibernating animals are waking up earlier and facing unfamiliar dangers; rising temperatures may be the culprit

By Alisa Opar


Home: Highway Robbery

How thousands of pounds of Big Dig refuse became a house with a point of view

By Mandi Wells

Retreads: Chic Revival

Hannah Rogge fashions the ubiquitous freebie T-shirt into homemade couture

By Eileen Gunn

Style: Snow-Season Soothers

Protect your whole body from winter's harsh elements with these healing, natural favorites

By Jessica Hartshorn

Style: Four Pantry Purifiers

Effective skin and hair moisturizers are already hiding in your kitchen

By Jessica Hartshorn

Style: Bold Mountain

Conquer the slopes in colorful style without missing an earth-friendly beat

By Bari Nan Cohen

Style: Apres-ski Indulgences

Rejuvenate body and soul with an all-natural or organic spa treatment

By Cathy Garrard

Style: Clever Carving

See your way clear to powder-perfect days

Food: 'Tis the Season

Toast the holidays with a festive and organic wintertime libation

By Cathy Garrard

Food: You're Invited

Tips for thoughtful entertaining over the holidays

By Jessica Tzerman

Food: Gifts that Give More

For the food devotees on your gift list, give and give again

By Amy Zavatto

The Green Fiend: The DIY Environmentalist

In this inaugural edition of her new Plenty column, Annemarie Conte explores her dog doo disposal options...and settles on composting

By Annemarie Conte

Green Gear:

Green Gear Holiday Special

An extra-large guide to spectacular green gifts—from tech to style to home—for everyone, including kids and pets

Plenty Labs:

The Last Word

A committed, one-bike man faces auto temptation and lives to tell the tale

By Ethan Gilsdorf

Issue 25

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