Green Architecture

October/November 2007

Cover of Issue 18

Featured in this issue:

London Calling

The intrepid Brits reinvent themselves once again. Check out our insider’s guide to this forward-thinking, earth-friendly tourist mecca.

By Zoe Cormier & Giovanna Dunmall / Illustrations by Alex Williamson

Restoring the River of Life

Fifty years ago, the wild salmon population in the Columbia River Gorge plunged when the Dalles Dam was completed near Celilo Falls. Today, the local Indians who've fished there for centures have led the charge to protect the ecosystem's fragile health. A day on the river with these Indians conveys their passion for protecting wild salmon

By Ken Olsen

Function over Form?

Architect Travis Price thinks the green building movement he’s been part of for thirty years has veered off course—and his new book makes a case for restoring the movement to its spiritual and aesthetic center. But will his words get through?

By Lisa Selin Davis

Letter from the Editor

Building Blocks

By Mark Spellun


One Shot: Sculpting with the Fishes

By Annemarie Conte

Articles of Faith

By Tobin Hack


We've always heard that burning leaves is bad for the environment. Is that true?

Guiding Light

An Icelandic lighthouse that doubles as a research station

By Adam Spangler

Going Places: Atlanta

Taking a Bite Out of the Big Peach

By Ken Edelstein

Squeeze Play

Natural Toothpastes

By Deborah Snoonian

Back to the Butter Churn

By Ragan Sutterfield

The Big Picture: Batten Down the Hatches

By Jessica Hagy

Burning Question

Global warming or climate change: which term do you prefer?

Counting Sheep

By Amy Zavatto


People: Labor of Lovins

The cofounder of Rocky Mountain Institute talks about America's path to becoming more energy efficient

By Tracie Mcmillan

Tech: A Mighty Wind

Rooftop wind turbines are an increasingly popular way to generate electricity in cities.

By Susan Cosier

Tech: Mulling Over Your Windmill

Tips for installing a wind turbine

By Susan Cosier

Business: Better Bank for Your Buck

In search of an eco-friendly bank? Look no further

By Liz Galst

Motion: Up, Up, and Away

A new transit system would convert old airplanes into speedy trains

By Dianna Dilworth

Thinking: Oh, the Places He’s Been

The adventuresome Richard Bangs; a dispach from the authors of "The Death of Environmentalism"; Diane Ackerman's The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

By Nathalie Jordi

Thinking: Death Warmed Over

By Christine Thomas

Thinking: The House Under a Crazy Star

By David Zuckerman

Thinking: New and Noteworthy

By Susan Cosier

Wild World: Bambi on Birth Control

The biggest challenge to managing animal populations with contraceptives may be getting people to agree about it

By Jennifer Weeks


Home: Salvage Station

A warehouse-turned-condo blends cool with conscience

By David Sokol

Home: Cover Story

Wall coverings to brighten up your digs

Retreads: Let’s Dish

Brooklyn artist Sarah Cihat breathes new life into old tableware

By Jennifer Acosta Scott

Retreads: Do it Yourself

Decorate your Dishware

Style: High Fashion, Low Impact

The year-old Kaight boutique mixes chich designs with smarter fabrics

By Alison Sherbach

Style: Manicure Makeover

By Jessica Tzerman

Style: Label Alert

Expiration dates for cosmetics

By J.T.

Food: Fish Tales

Navigate the oft-murky waters of farmed, sustainable, and organic aquaculture

By Christy Harrison

Food: Solid Seafood Choices

Eco-friendly fish farms

Food: Recipe

Sauteed Char with Fennel Salad and Mango Vinaigrette

By Rick Moonen

Green Gear:

Class Act

These back-to-school basics will brighten up any dorm room.

Plenty Labs:

The Last Word: Movin' On Up

Relocating an existing house proved more rewarding than building a new one

By Leslie Petrovski

Issue 25

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