The Frozen Zoo

August/September 2007

Cover of Issue 17

Featured in this issue:

Walk on the Wild Side

A new Australian trail offers a vast array of hikes, astounding views, and even koala encounters—as well as an intimate look at how climate change may already be affecting the country.

By Christy Harrison

All Creatures Great and Small

As pollution, habitat loss, global warming, and disease increase the number of threatened and endangered species, attempts to protect them are more crucial than ever. That’s where the Frozen Zoo comes in.

By Alisa Opar

The Next Big Wave

Sufers may seem like free-spirited nature lovers, but they're now facing the consequences of their sport's negative environmental impact

By Lisa Stasiulewicz

Back to the Future

Enthusiastic as we are about the latest eco-gadgetry—solar-powered fabrics, electric sports cars, backyard wind turbines—maybe it’s time to acknowledge that some of the most ingenious solutions to our planet’s woes appeared hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.

By Justin Tyler Clark / Illustrations by John Francis

Letter from the Editor

On Second Thought...

By Mark Spellun


One Shot: Losing Our Shirts

By Justin Nobel

Emerald Cities

By Liz Galst


I love to grill but I've heard that barbeques can be bad for air quality and health. Which are better for the environment: charcoal grills or gas?

By the Numbers: The Farmer in the Bill

Blame it on the Drain

Environmentally friendly drain cleaners

By Susan Cosier

Burning Question

Are kids today disconnected from nature?

Going Places: Minneapolis

Jump into the City of Lakes

By Megan Kaplan

Coral Fixation

By Lisa Selin Davis

Out of Africa

By Pamela Grossman

The Big Picture: This Ain't so cool

By Jessica Hagy

Claim Check: In the Can

Are aerosol sprays bad for the ozone layer?


People: Northern Exposure

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier fights to save the Inuit from global warming

By Susan Cosier

Tech: From the Ground Up

A new twist on geothermal energy could help curb out fossil fuel addiction

By Mark Anderson

Business: Sail of the Century

New technology for the shipping industry relies on old methods

By Justin Tyler Clark

Motion: Auto Focus

Mechanics are tuning up the car repair business

By Mark Vanderhoff

Thinker: Camping the Faith

Keeping the faith with the Adventure Rabbi

By Lynn Harris

Re-Read: Still Unsettled

By Ragan Sutterfield

Film: Ice, Ice Babies

By Sean Tanner

New and Noteworthy

By Susan Cosier

Wild World: Monkey Business

A conservation program succeeds by embracing trial and error

By Sarah Parsons


Home: Skimming the Surface

An efficient home on the Rhode Island coast

By David Sokol

Home: Making a Splash

Natural Swimming Pools need no chlorine to keep the water clean

By Jennifer Acosta Scott

Home: Mainstream Goes Green

The big names in home furnishings are finally starting to use eco materials

Retreads: A Spring in Their Steps

One company's quest to create new flooring from old wine corks

By Peter Bronski

Style: Pure and Simple

Designer John Patrick

By Elizabeth Barker

Style: Faking It

Are natural self-tanners a safe alternative to catching rays?

By Carol Kim

Style: Mr. Clean Hair

Aveda gives it up to the boys

By C.K.

Food: Cornering the Market

Get the most out of your farmers' market

By Amy Zavatto

Food: Chilling Out

Icy treats to chill out with

By Christy Harrison

Food: Recipe

Yellow Tomato Soup

By Alexandra Guarnaschelli

Green Gear:

Office Space

Office supplies and furniture that will cure your case of the Mondays

Plenty Labs:

The Last Word: Everything Old is New Again

Confessions of a yard sale junkie

By Jaqi Holland

Issue 25

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