The Way We Eat

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It's a Family Affair

Behind the scenes of five eco-conscious farms

By Christy Harrison

An Uncertain Harvest

Increasingly volatile weather patterns around the world are already causing supermarket prices to rise. But when it comes to global warming and the food supply, the real losers

By Jocelyn Craugh Zuckerman

An Uncertain Harvest: sidebar

Warming Climate, Shrinking Food Supply

An Uncertain Harvest: sidebar

Troubled Waters

An Uncertain Harvest: sidebar

Strong Roots

By Kiera Butler

A Long, Strange Trip

Thirty years ago, The Farm was the archetype of a model community. Today, it has shed communalism for capitalism. A writer visits a place of the past to learn its future.

By Lisa Selin Davis

Moveable Feasts

Take an eco-friendly culinary vacation and learn how to cook everything, everywhere

By Nicole Davis

Letter from the Editor

What We Eat

By Mark Spellun


One Shot

Power Flowers

By Susan Cosier

An Inconvenient Cult Following

A year after Truth's release, Al Gore's still a rock star

By Joshua M. Bernstein

Roll Call of the Wild

By Sarah Parsons

Claim Check: Vicious Cycle

When to throw out recyclables

By Alisa Opar

Burning Question

Is the organic food movement elitist?

Act Globally

Protesting global warming

By Alison Sherbach

By the Numbers

Pole Position


Guiding Light


People: An Upstream Battle

How a vodka czar is saving the wild salmon

By Kevin Friedl

Tech: Hitting the DNA Jackpot

Bioprospectors are searching for treasure in the form of plants and animals—and they’re making sure everyone shares in their booty

By Sam Boykin

Business: E-waste Not

Outdated electronics are being diverted from landfills to recyclers

By Christine Cyr

Thinking: He Speaks for the Trees

The return of a nature writing classic

By Victoria Schlesinger

Thinking: Digging Up History

A new book unearths the cultural significance of soil

By Mark K. Anderson

Thinking: New and Noteworthy

By Susan Cosier


Home: Aggressively Passive

A house near Aspen goes high-tech to ensure a climate-sensitive design

By David Sokol

Home: Well Hung

Clotheslines—a.k.a. “solar dryers”—are making a comeback

By Jennifer Acosta Scott

Culture: Goodwill Hunting

Big game safaris swap rifles for tranquilizer guns

By Kiera Butler

Health: Plastic Oh-No

A chemical found in everything from nail polish to shower curtains may be linked to health problems

By Emily Gertz

Retreads: Out of the Woods

Urban loggers find new uses for old landscaping

By Alisa Opar

Food: Slow Food Nation

Eco-friendly chefs take eating well to a whole new level

By Amy Zavatto

Food: Beyond Bread

Why are gluten-free products crowding supermarket shelves?

By Christy Harrison

Food: Get Juiced

By Christy Harrison

Food: Recipe

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

Green Gear:

The Garden of Good and Eco

Garden and Patio Accessories that will make your backyard a second home

Plenty Labs:

Shave the World

Eco-friendly shaving creams

By Alisa Opar

The Last Word: Uphill Both Ways

Sometimes a walk in the park is no walk in the park

By Sascha Zuger

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