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Happy Together

Tradition meets modernity in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan

By Kate Siber

The Plenty 20

From old-school Fortune 500 companies to start-ups barely out of first-round financing, businesses are committing big bucks to the green revolution. And while it seems like everyone’s doing it these days, we think these 20 companies are the ones pushing the ecological envelope. Whether it’s because of their reach, their potential, their influence, or the sheer genius of their innovations, we predict that each one will have a hand in changing the world in one way or another—sooner rather than later.

By Danielle Wood

Beyond Pigeons

Bird watching catches on in the urban jungle

By Susan M. Brackney

Letter from the Editor

An End to Corruption

By Mark Spellun


Dance Dance Revolution

Harvesting energy generated on the dance floor

By Jacquelyn Lane

By the Numbers: Power Trip

Claim Check: Ozone Infused Water

Can ozone-infused water remove pesticides from fruits and veggies?

By Alisa Opar

Burning Question: Nuclear Energy

Should Environmentalists support nuclear energy?

Upcoming Events

Plenty Tip

Junk in the Junk Mail

Enviro 101

Geothermal Heating and Cooling


People: Big Changes at the Big Box

Wal-Mart's high-profle plunge into eco-friendly practices

By Richard Bradley

Tech: The Farmer in the High-Rise

Growing food in skyscrapers? Some scientists say it’s possible.

By Alisa Opar

Business: Cash for Carbon

The Chicago Climate Exchange is taking off. But will it soar?

By Kiera Butler

Motion: Truckin' Awesome

Willie Nelson brings biofuel to the red states

By Philip Armour

Thinking: Page-turner with a Point

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s newest novel, the race to save humanity is on

By Jessa Crispin

Thinking: New and Noteworthy

Thinking: The Wild Things are Everywhere

A nature-loving blogger in Boston sets out to discover one new species in the city every day

By Kiera Butler


Home: On the Rocks

A modern Nova Scotia home is inspired by local conditions and historic precedent

By David Sokol

Culture: e-greenies

A social networking site for the eco-savvy takes off

By Joshua Bernstein

Retreads: The Zip-up Artist

Look closely—you might find part of your last thrift-store donation in this crafter’s work

By Deborah Snoonian

Style: The Future is Nau

A progressive apparel company takes sustainability to the next level

By Carissa Wodehouse

Style: Beauty Products that Are Good Enough to Eat

By Erika Villani

Style: Once Upon a Pair

By Jacquelyn Lane

Health: Neighborhood Watch

Your surroundings can have a big impact on your health

By Christine Dell’Amore

Food: The Cheat-Local Diet

How to subsist on regional produce all winter—without flavor fatigue

By Christy Harrison

Food: Butter Bean and Spinach Soup

Food: All Buttered Up

By Christy Harrison

Green Gear:

Carefree Travel

Whether you're headed for a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica or a business trip meeting in Tokyo, you can jet set in style and comfort with our picks for the best eco-friendly luggage, beach reading, solar chargers, and more.

Plenty Labs:

Dilemma: Got a Six-Pack and Nothing to Do?

Q: I’ve always heard that we should cut up our plastic six-pack rings into tiny bits so that they don’t strangle ocean wildlife if they get washed out to sea. Is this still true? Wouldn’t the six-pack holders wind up in a landfill instead of the ocean?

Cheat Sheet: Sweat Equity

Plenty tests several natural antiperspirants

By Kiera Butler

Last Word: The Inspector

Backyard secrets brought to light

By Ragan Sutterfield

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