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2006: The Year in Green

From business to politics to pop culture, the environment took center stage in 2006

By Victoria Schlesinger and Sarah Parsons

The Imperfect Gift

Wealthy donors give hundreds of millions of dollars a year to environmental causes. Too bad it's not being put to the best use.

By Liz Galst

The Kids are Alright

Today's left-leaning activists don't look like yesterday's - and that's okay

By Todd Gitlin

Volunteer Vacations

Take a vacation and save the environment at the same time

By Nicole Davis

Letter from the Editor

From Marches to Carbon Offsets

By Mark Spellun


One Shot: Star Struck

By Jacquelyn Lane

Claim Check: Laundry Balls

Can a laundry ball really clean your clothes without chemicals?

By Alisa Opar

Fresh, Fading Fertilizer

Burning Question

What's your eco New Year's resolution?

By the Numbers: Troubled Waters

Garbage In, Garbage Out

What are Americans throwing away?

Quick Tip: Ski Patrol

How does your ski resort measure up when its eco-practices are put to the test?




People: The Slowpoke

The founder of the Whole Earth Catalog believes in taking his time

By Kiera Butler

Tech: Let the Sun Shine

Hybrid solar lighting promises a brighter, less energy-hungry future

By Carol Ekarius

Business: Cool Beans

Sustainable coffee is going mainstream. Is this a good thing?

By Sarah Schmidt

Business: What's in a Label?

Almost all certified coffee in the U.S. falls into at least one of these categories—and it’s not hard to find beans that are double- or even triple-certified.

By Sarah Schmidt

Motion: Socket to You

Maybe the electric car isn't so dead after all

By Danielle Wood

Thinking: Food Scare

What will happen to agriculture when the oil runs out?

By Bryant Urstadt

Thinking: Words of a Feather

Essays from the man who brought birding to the masses

By Kiera Butler

Thinking: New and Noteworthy


Home: In Sync

An architect's house gets back in touch with nature

By David Sokol

Home: Questions for a Green Designer

By Deborah Snoonian

Home: Wiggle Room

One New Yorker aims to put worm compost bins under every kitchen sink

By Emma Johnson

Home: Create Your Own Worm Compost

By Emma Johnson

Culture: Trail Blazer

Snowbiking is surprisingly easy to learn - not to mention ridiculously fun

By Christine Richmond

Retreads: Holiday Giving Your Way

Two easy, eco-friendly items you can make for the people on your holiday list

By Christy Harrison

Retreads: Material World

It’s easy to go overboard at craft stores, but with a little guidance, it’s also easy to go green

By Danny Seo

Retreads: Sundae Bath

Style: Flights of Fancy

Heather Schibli draws inspiration from an unexpected bird

By Elizabeth Barker

Style: Ready to Rewear

Mainstream retailers give your old duds new life

By Erika Villani

Health: The Lowdown on Lipids

Some fats are better for you - and the earth - than others

By Rachel Wharton

Food: A Classic Christmas Feast

Two retro holiday foods are ahead of the sustainability curve

By Christy Harrison

Food: Roast Goose with Chestnut and Fruit Stuffing

Food: Brewing a Revolution

Beermakers are using a variety of environmental tactics

By Joshua M. Bernstein

Food: The Holiday Spirit

By C.H.

Food: Soda-Club Home Soda Maker

Green Gear:

The Green Gift Guide

You want to give your loved ones something special, but you don't want to sacrifice your principles. No problem! We drooled over these superclassy green gifts - your friends and family will too.

Plenty Labs:

Greener Cleaners

By Sarah Schmidt


I love a fire in my fireplace, but I hear it’s not the best thing for air quality. Is there anything I can do to make building a fire less polluting?

The Last Word: Tall Order

Would you give up your backyard and move to the 80th floor to save the planet?

By Christopher Bonanos

Issue 25

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