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Nicaragua: The Next Costa Rica?

This formerly war-torn country has acres of virgin rain forest, miles of pristine beaches, and biodiversity well as deep-seated poverty. Can eco-tourism lend a helping hand?

By Lisa Selin Davis

Earth '06 An Election Guide

(Because the planet really is in the balance)

Breathing Space

It's no secret that we humans have botched things pretty badly here on Earth. Can we change our relationship with the natural world before our wild spaces are lost forever? Or - as credible thinkers are now suggesting - will we have to leave this planet to save the human race? Two experts weigh in on humanity's future habitat.

By Stephen M. Meyer and William E. Burrows

10 Great Eco-Jobs

Say goodbye to stereotypes: Today's environmental workforce is kicking the granola-crunching cliche into the recycling bin

By Joshua M. Bernstein

Art Farms

The eco-art movement is bringing agriculture back into urban environments

By Justin Tyler Clark

Urban Foraging

By Elisa Ludwig

Letter from the Editor

New Frontiers

By Mark Spellun


One Shot

Bloomin' Jellies

By Jacqulyn Lane

Claim Check

Are Pomegranates really a Miracle Food?

By Alice Shyy

Fresh, Fading, Fertilizer

Burning Question

Have Wal-Mart's recent eco-initiatives changed your opinion of the company?

By the Numbers

The Highs and Lows of Transportation

Pop Quiz

What percentage of the world's oceans are protected?

Quick Tip: Smashing Pumpkins

A Corny Situation

October/November Calendar


People: MoveOn Maven

Eli Pariser talks about why the environment will matter in the 2006 elections

By Kiera Butler

Tech: The Limpet, the Sea Snake, and the Duck

Three new technologies are making wave power attractive - both to private investors and government-run utilities

By Laurel Maury

Business: Sand Trap

Will the silicon shortage stunt the solar industry's growth?

By Alan Joch

Motion: Be Nice, Share

With car sharing, you can have your cake and eat it too

By Christine Cyr

Thinking: Ever Loyal to Lord Oil

Greed, a botched government overthrow, and oil addiction writ large in Adam Robert's The Wonga Coup

By Britt Peterson

Thinking: Abbey, Straight Up

The new collection of letters from incendiary environmentalist Edward Abbey is a jigger of the real stuff

By Brian Kevin

Thinking: New and Noteworthy


Home: Compound Interests

The owner of a beverage company brings his employees together on 20 acres in British Columbia

By Elizabeth Barker

Home: Get Organized

Cut the clutter with these eco-friendly storage solutions

Home: Deconstruct Your House

If you’re building or renovating a home, you can recycle what comes down

By Jennifer Weeks

Culture: Just Push Play

An eco-themed video game is helping the PlayStation generation understand global warming

By Deborah Snoonian

Culture: Nature Versus Cursor

By Alice Shyy

Retreads: From the Junkyard to the Kitchen

Ever wonder what happens to bikes when they die? A primer on how some two-wheelers end up powering blenders in Guatemala, and how to find your dream cruiser in the trash

By Karla Zimmerman

Style: The Fabric of Change

Designer Carol Young outfits the modern, eco-savy urbanite

By Elizabeth Barker

Style: Walk Proud

This season's most ethical boots are also the most aesthetically pleasing

Style: Bubble Trouble

How I freed myself from the myth that shampoo is good for hair

By Traci Hukill

Style: The Kitchen Spa

These five foods will nourish your skin from the outside in

By Angela Leone

Health: Air Supply

On top of everything else, global warming may be causing the asthma epidemic

By Sarah Bridges

Food: Cosmic Thing

Biodynamic viticulture is turning the wine world on its head

By Traci Hukill

Food: Great Glasses

Choosing the best organic and biodynamic bottles

By Carol Huang

Food: Certifiably Good

By Carol Huang

Food: Trick-free Treats

Whether you're doling out candy to neighborhood kids or serving guests at a costume party, skip the packaged sweets this Halloween and try making one of these yummy, eco-friendly alternatives

By Monique Cuvelier

Green Gear:

Snowed Out

It may be freezing outside, but that doesn't mean you can't break a sweat. Get your heart pumping with the hottest winter gear

Plenty Labs:

The Cola Wars

By Deborah Snoonian


Switching to Green Cleaning Products

The Last Word: To Be or Not

I'm the hypocritical god of my backyard

By Martha Holmes

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