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A Peddler's Paradise

The successes of Lance Armstrong have helped cycling become more popular than ever, making now the perfect time to go on a low-carbon diet and see the world on two wheels. Whether you go at it on your own or use a guide, our eight eco-friendly bike destinations will make you glad you traded in those driving gloves for spandex.

By Matthew Kadey

Global Worrying

The environment is in peril and anxiety disorders are on the rise. What's the connection?

By Liz Galst

Food Fight

Congress is considering a bill that would mandate national food-labeling standards and override widely varying state laws. Sounds like a good idea - until you look at who's pushing the legislation. Why the National Uniformity for Food Act might be bad for America's health.

By Richard Bradley

Free Lunch

How a group of radical dumpster divers convinced me to question my buying habits - and eat garbage

By Lisa Selin Davis

Save the Glades

Will Central Florida's Hoover Dike protect local residents in a hurricane - or will the region become the next New Orleans?

By Michael Grunwald

Letter from the Editor

The Truth about CO2

By Mark Spellun


What Price Purr-fection?

By Erika Villani

Kicking the Bottle

Looking at bottled water

By Jen Boulden and Heather Stephenson, co-founders, Ideal Bite

Fresh, Fading, Fertilizer

Ozone Makes a Comeback

By Deborah Snoonian

Feds Say Yes to Bio-based Products

By Kimberly Palmer


Not just for landfills anymore

By Jacqulyn Lane

The Plenty Tip

No air conditioning? No problem!

By D.S.

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August and September

Q&A: Covering the Planet

After two decades of reporting the facts, eco-journalist Andrew Revkin speaks his mind

By Erika Wetter


Tech: New Nukes?

A research facility will probe whether fusion power is feasible

By Michael W. Robbins

Investing: Liquid Assets

Clean water makes a splash on Wall Street

By Sarah Schmidt

Wheels: The Other Hybrids

E-bikes have been written off as clunky and expensive, but manufacturers say they're getting better

By Susan M. Brackney

Books: Liquid Gold

A veteran enviro reporter explains why declining water reserves in eight states affect life across the U.S.

By Steve Weinberg

Books: New and Noteworthy


Retreads: Remebrance of Tomes Past

How to deal with used books

By Kelly Pucci

Green Home: A TV Star Returns to his Roots

By Bari Nan Cohen

Culture: The Sky's the Limit

Action sports are setting the standard for a greener sporting world

By Jacqulyn Lane

Off the Grid: Reflecting Nature

A cabin northeast of Toronto offers a unique twist on green housing

By Hans Feuersinger

Style Profile: A Cut Above the Rest

Deborah Milner's lavish couture gowns take green design to the next level

By Christine Richmond

Green Style: In the Money

Stash you cash in one of these eco-friendly wallets

Green Style: Good Scents

These subtle and sophisticated fragrances are made with pure essential oils - and no synthetic ingredients

Food: Rough Cuts

American chefs are serving meats that were once considered inedible - and ecophiles are overcoming their carnophobia to enjoy them

By Christy Harrison

Food: An Eco-Conscious Cookout

Plenty's green-minded tips for the most delicious barbecue

By Christy Harrison

Green Gear:

Grillin' Green

Impress your guests at your next backyard BBQ with these functional eccoutrements

Plenty Labs:

Health: Under Cover

Shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays with these eco-friendly sunscreens

By Erika Villani

Health: Lip Service

By Erika Villani

The Back Page: Security Threat

Laurie David

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