The Green Invasion

June/July 2006

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Featured in this issue:

Off the Beaten Path

Deep within America's national parks and forests lie pristine, ultraprotected spots called wilderness areas - and most f us are only a day trip away from one. Hike secluded trails, take on Class IV rapids, and support the continued protection of these spaces. Plenty's wilderness guide shows you how.

By Kate Siber

Pop Culture: The Green Invasion

From eco-friendly films to progressive podcasts, Plenty picks the best in summer entertainment

Summertime and the Eating is Local

Two months on a supermarket-free diet

By Lou Bendrick

Heavy Metal

How mercury has found its way into our water, our air, and our bodies - and what it might be doing to our health

By Sarah Bridges

Green is the New White

Tie the knot in eco-friendly style with Plenty's wedding guide

By Bari Nan Cohen

Letter from the Editor

Rebirth of the counterculture: from hippie bus to biodiesel road trip

By Mark Spellun


Pooches Poop for Power

By Deborah Snoonian

Tillin' Me Softly

By Jacqulyn Lane

Fresh Fading Fertilizer

Oil-holics Anonymous

By Erika Villani

Something in the Air?

By D.S.

Food For Thought

By D.S.

Plenty Tip of the Month

Grow Your Own Garden Organically

By Anngela Leone

Event Calendar: June/July 2006


Q&A: Giving Hydrogen the Hard Sell

Fuel-cell advocate Daniel Emmett on why wary greenies should embrace new technology

By Philip Armour

Tech: Weird Science

How nanotechnology could solve a host of eco-problems

By Amy Cortese

Wheels: Revisiting Diesel

Why the oft-maligned fuel of the 70's is greener than ever before

By Frances Cerra Whittelsey

Business: Fly Right

Buying carbon offsets for air travel can reduce your environmental footprint - or just alleviate your guilt

By Jenny Gage

Books: Warming Trends

Two new books illuminate the politics and perils of coal energy and the emerging science behind global climate change

By Richard Bradley

Books: The Weather Makers

How Man is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth

By Wesley Yang

Books: New and Noteworthy


Retreads: Auto Invention

For inventors and designers, the road to reuse is paved with car parts

By Joshua M. Bernstien

Shelter: Squared Away

The cube, and eco-efficient kit house, might be coming to a neighborhood near you

By Deborah Snoonian

Food: Cater to Your Green Needs

So you eat organic food at home and in restaurants - but would you serve eco-friendly fare to 100 of your closest friends?

By Nicole Davis

Green Bling: Shore Things

These eco accessories are perfect for days on the boardwalk and nights by the bonfire

Style: Beauty and the Beach

Mineral makeup goes on sheer and won't melt down - even on the warmest days

Health: Keep Your Cool

Five natural, unusual, and time-tested ways to combat summer meltdown

By Valerie Reiss

Indulgences: Sweating It

A selective guide to the best saunas, schvitzes, and steam caves in the U.S.

By Jennifer Block

Off the Grid: Green Scenester

How eco-rapper and alt-fuel enthusiast Charris Ben Ford is helping to shape the new environmental movement

By Elizabeth Barker

Green Gear:

Good Sports

How will you spend your summer weekends? Whether you're going camping or playing catch in the backyard, these goods will make you an eco-MVP

Plenty Labs:

The Back Page: The PLENTY Test

Test Your Eco-I.Q.

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