He Said/She Said

“Goodbye, from the world’s biggest polluter.”
- George W Bush, at his final G8 summit. He then punched the air and grinned.

“It can be embarrassing. There’s nowhere to hide, because it’s just me behind the wheel and there isn’t enough space for anyone else. But it goes from zero to 60 mph in four seconds, which is faster than virtually every other car on the road, so I can take off with a burst of speed if I get too many insults.”
- George Clooney, who still drives his one-seater electric car but is about to upgrade to a larger one.

“It’s just a hobby. I’m not feeding the troops. There’s a softness to the Tennessee landscape that I just love.”
- Nicole Kidman, talking about her organic vegetable garden in a Vogue interview.

“I knew you were going to try and catch me not being perfect.”
- Adrian Grenier, teasing the paparazzi as he recycled some cardboard outside the set of entourage.

“Humans must easily be the meanest species on earth. Probably the only reason there are any tigers left is because they don’t taste good.”
-The late George Carlin, from his book Brain Droppings.

Issue 25

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