He Said/She Said

“I’m concerned about climate change, and not only because it means we might run out of ice floes for our elderly.… I’m concerned because people won’t shut up about it. We solved the energy crisis: The answer was ethanol. Corn plus magic equals gasoline.”  
Stephen Colbert, being his usual, sarcastic self


“I’m actually ashamed to tell you what car I have now. [It’s a Mercedes S-class sedan.] I got into a long lease before I saw the Al Gore movie, so now I’m embarrassed. But my lease has to be up before I can buy a proper environmental car.”
Christina Ricci

“I’m a green virgin.”
Planet Green’s Battleground Earth star Tommy Lee, marking the first time in a while that he’s used “I’m a” and “virgin” in the same sentence.  

“We are in a constant state of Earth Day–ness, mostly mandated by my wife.”
Ben Affleck

“It’s like Hotdoggate  …. Clearly, it’s a veggie dog [in the pictures]: They’ve been serving veggie dogs and veggie bur­gers at my kids’ baseball games for years now.”
Pamela Anderson, after she was caught eating a hot dog she claims was actually a veggie dog

Issue 25

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