He Said/She Said

“This is the environmentally conscious, green Oscars. So tonight our presenters will be walking all the way to the microphones.”
Jon stewart during the 80thAcademy Awards

“If you’d ask any environmen­talist about George Bush’s policies on the environment, he gets close to an F.”
Leonardo DiCaprio

“[I have] the first one.”  
Paris Hilton, claiming the impossible about her hybrid suv. (Also, she says they’re “awesome.”)

“I think the band might eventually whack me around the head if I did it too many times.”  
Radiohead’s Thom Yorke on why he doesn’t preach his green choices during concerts

“Driving in the H7 is like being in a time machine, a full-size, luxury time machine … with power windows. And in the future people are smart: They pump water instead of gas! Hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to buy one of these beautiful cars so I can get back to the future.”    
Jason Bateman on the BMW Hydrogen 7 sedan he was loaned

Issue 25

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