Green Style: Good Scents

These subtle and sophisticated fragrances are made with pure essential oils - and no synthetic ingredients

Not-So-Plain Vanilla
$18.50 (
This warm vanilla perfume is less sweet than it is heady and exotic.

Roll With It

$12 (
Certified organic essential oils of lavender and cinnamon make this roll-on perfume light and inviting.

A Bright Idea
$23 (
This refined, alluring mix of jasmine and neroli is inspired by the nocturnal firefly.

Natural Selection
$185 (
Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis uses certifiedorganic or wild-crafted botanicals whenever possible; her “Tosca” is an abstract blend of tobacco leaf, blood orange, and Parma violet.

Common Ground
$13 (
Refreshing and calming, this unisex fragrance has notes of pine and wet earth.

Sea Change
$22 (
For an instant pick-me-up, spritz on this fresh, lightly citrus-scented perfume—it’s a cool ocean breeze in a bottle.

Issue 25

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