Food: Solid Seafood Choices

Solid Seafood Choices
When shopping for wild Pacific salmon, look for coho, sockeye, and King varieties. As for farmed fish, seek out one of these tasty choices, reeled in by some of the eco-friendliest fish farms in the country.

Kona Blue Water Farms
This farm offers mild, sushi-grade yellowtail fish known as Kona kampachi, which is native to Hawaii. Kona Blue’s nets are suspended in their natural habitat where currents keep pollution and waste from accumulating below. They also raise the nets out of the water to let the sun clean off the algae in lieu of using the usual copper-based cleaning solution.


Barramundi is an Australian fish with a sweet, buttery taste and delicate texture. This Massachusetts-based company raises them using indoor farms to imitate the fishes’ native ecosystem. The company also refilters and reuses millions of gallons of water a day and donates the manure to local farmers for fertilizer.

OceanBoy Farms
This Florida company raises shrimp in man-made ponds with filtered and recirculated water. (They’re of the two seafood companies that voluntarily surrendered their USDA organic seal.) Demand is so high for their now self-proclaimed organic variety that the company already sold out of their stocks for this year.

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