Film: Ice, Ice Babies

By Sean Tanner

Cue the cute creatures. From the producers of March of the Penguins comes Arctic Tale, a charming new documentary that chronicles two animals’ struggle to survive in a threatened habitat. Starring in the film are a couple of utterly irresistible babies: Nanu, a fuzzy polar bear, and Seela, a 600-pound walrus. As the two creatures frolic on the ice and in the water, seeking to learn the ways of their northern home, it is simply impossible not to fall for them.


But what begins as a delightful childhood for these animals quickly turns into a painful adulthood. As soon as our hearts are stolen, they begin to ache when we see the protagonists fight to survive as their world begins to warm up and thaw out. It’s difficult to watch Nanu falling through the melting ice every few steps or Seela’s family getting overcrowded on the last piece of floating ice for miles.

Arctic Tale
addresses climate change without being preachy or picking a fight. Masterfully narrated by the witty Queen Latifa, the film will appeal to viewers of all ages. It might be a difficult one to explain to the kids afterward, but well worth it in the end.

Arctic Tale opens in theaters across the nation this summer.

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