Dance Dance Revolution

By Jacquelyn Lane

What if we could harness all the energy generated on the dance floor each week? A Dutch architecture firm intends to do just that. “Sustainable Dance Club,” a project created by the Rotterdam firm Doll, along with enviro non-profit Enviu, aims to transform clubs by incorporating eco-features such as paperless marketing, rainwater-flushing toilets, and green rooftop lounges. But the pièce-de-résistance will be a dance floor that uses energy from the dancers’ movements to make electricity. At the moment, the floor is little more than a glorious vision. But Enviu hopes to present a working prototype later this year, and the group says it’s started development with two clubs in Rotterdam. To kick things off, Enviu and Doll invited 1,400 scenesters to Rotterdam’s Off Corso club this fall to drink organic beer, check out a sustainable art installation, and dance in the glow of power-saving LED lights (below).

Issue 25

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