Antiaging Moisturizers

By Stacey Stapleton

Photograph by Anthony Verde, Eco Styling by Camilla Slattery

So many beauty companies are jumping on the anti- aging bandwagon, promising to shave off years with one miraculous potion. But can they deliver without any harsh, artificial ingredients? Plenty sampled a bevy of natural moisturizers that hope to push back the hands of time. While we didn’t find a bottled fountain of youth, several did make our skin look fresher.
Here are seven for the ages.        

—Stacey Stapleton

Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel

Jurlique’s fast absorbing gel contains daisy, calendula, and chamomile to help repair damage to sensitive skin. Tester’s take “My skin looked more even-toned overnight and got better each day. The light formula is perfect for oily skin.” $67,

Burt’s Bees
Naturally Ageless Line Diminishing Day Lotion

Burt’s lotion has pomegranates to fight collagen breakdown, paracress plant to fill lines, and wild yam to tighten skin. Tester’s take “The film it left on my face felt like protection from further environmental damage.” $25,

This Works: Active Oil

Sesame protein and yellow-green algae improve skin elasticity in this protective serum. Tester’s take “The first time I used it, my skin stung. But it stopped stinging, and my face became more clear and vibrant.”

Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream

A hydrating cream loaded with fatty acids to nourish skin and minimize fine lines. Tester’s take
“I worried I’d get pimples, but my skin stayed clear and looked less dry and dull in a week.” $30,

Yes To Carrots
C Today or C You in the Morning

Carrot seed oil, Dead Sea minerals, and beta-carotene in this water-based cream reduce sun and environmental damage. Tester’s take “After all the pricey antiaging treatments I’ve tried before, this one actually made my skin look refreshed.” $15,

Intellesthetics Enlighten Moisturizer

One of the few antiaging products available that uses organic lightening agents to help fade discoloration from sun damage. Tester’s take “I’m picky about what I use, and this gave my skin a lovely, dewy finish.”
$40, intelligent

Liz Earle
Skin Repair Moisturizer

Loaded with echinacea, this cream promises to boost cell renewal and prevent sagging. Tester’s take “My skin felt nourished and had a healthy glow after using it for only a few days.” $28,

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