got Plenty?

元鳬n late January we launched the got PLENTY? campaign at the Sundance Film Festival. The idea was simple: Get celebrities to donate some of the free items (swag) that marketers give them during the indie-film extravaganza, then auction them off on eBay and donate the proceeds to Global Green USA, a nonprofit that works on such issues as global warming and clean water.

元鳥esides the obvious goal of helping out Global Green, we wanted to highlight one of our core issues: sustainable consumerism. At Plenty we aren’t opposed to consumerism per se; we know that buying stuff is a fact of life, so we think it should be the right stuff.

元鳶undance seemed like the perfect place to kick off got PLENTY?, as the festival had become an orgy of consumerism the past few years. Still, we weren’t quite sure how this would work out—after all, we didn’t have Brangelina lined up to give us a piece of Swarovski crystal. And we couldn’t afford to rent a big house on Main Street where celebs could drop off their contributions. Instead we had a street team of a few energetic women who boldly asked Hollywood stars to part with some of their favorite stuff. Apparently this was much more enjoyable than being “Bud Girls,” the typical role for spokesmodels.

元鳷he response was overwhelming. Once we were able to recognize the celebrities behind their ski masks, most of them happily donated some of their gifts to our campaign. We didn’t have to toss anyone in the snow or do any excessive finger-wagging. Truth be told, no one gave up their Swarovski baubles, but I think this is more a comment on human nature than on the success of the campaign.

元鳺e hope to replicate the success of got PLENTY? around the country in the months ahead, although we won’t always be collecting swag. The eco-friendly market grows larger every day, but many natural resources are becoming scarcer (the big one, of course, being oil). Yet we have an abundance of biofuels like switchgrass, which can be used to make ultra-efficient ethanol. And scientists continue to perfect ways of harnessing our unlimited supply of solar and wind energy.

元鳶o keep an eye out for the biofuel-powered got PLENTY? cars as they roll through your hometown.

元鳰ark Spellun
元鳨ditor in Chief & Publisher

Issue 25

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