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Neck Up


With golden leaves a fallin’, chilly breezes a blowin’, and Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes a brewin’, it’s clear that autumn is officially back in business. But unfortunately you’re wardrobe is…well, not. Okay, you’ve probably got the basics (long sleeved shirts, stand-by jeans, and so on and so forth) but maybe you need just that extra little something to make your clothing really sing. And what better way to do that than with Organica Deluxe’s pink silk scarf? Wear it with a light jacket, a solid colored shirt, or even a cute little dress and boots (so many options!). The all natural tassar “ahimsa” silk (the collection of which doesn’t harm the silk moth) will give you that extra bit of warmth you crave without too much added bulk. Plus the purchase of just one scarf provides a livelihood for ten artisans. Sort of makes you fell all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

That's My Bag, Baby


Ditch that old bag and start anew with the Beth Springer Ecovertible bag, a plush shoulder bag that reuses leather scraps normally bound for the landfill. Unlike most conventional bags, the Ecovertible doesn’t contain vinyl-laden filler AND it’s lined with nature-friendly organic hemp linen, so you won’t be carrying toxic chemicals around town with this bag. Hand made in the US, the Ecovertible can be thrown over a shoulder or converted to a cross body bag. Plus, it’s lightweight and super roomy, so it won’t weigh you down, though a cabinet full of cosmetics will! Get yours at

Roughin' It


You've been seduced by its sparkle before. By the way it glimmers when the light catches it just so. Or how it always twinkles oh-so-brightly, as if a star has fallen from the sky and placed itself ever so sweetly upon your slim little finger. But like all sirens, it was not to be trusted, soon dashing your hopes and dreams on the treacherous rocks with its melodious yet deceptive music. And what was once a girl's best friend has become the kind of friend you fear you could do without. But don’t dismay! You can avoid those dastardly diamonds and precious metals that so often come with conflicts in tow (i.e. using highly toxic cyanide to extract them from the surrounding earth) by delighting in the beauty of Sarah Perlis' new "In the Rough" collection. Made from both 18K and 22K recycled gold, every rough-cut diamond is also responsibly panned (not mined) from Sierra Leone.  Not to mention that they are entirely handmade and, well, just plain gorgeous. Seems like some diamonds really are forever.

Out of the (Plastic) Bag


Ditch those plastic dry-cleaning bags for the Clothesnik, a 100 percent cotton garment bag made specifically for eco-minded folks whose clothes need a little extra TLC. With a zipper down the front and a drawstring at the bottom, it's the perfect thing for round-trip runs: Use it like a laundry bag to bundle and tote dirty duds to the cleaners; when they're finished, the clothes come back clean and ready to go, hanging in the same bag. Plus, using the Clothesnik helps reduce some of the more than 100 billion plastic bags thrown away each year AND there's a great story behind the bag's creation. Want to know more? Check out
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