That's My Bag, Baby


Ditch that old bag and start anew with the Beth Springer Ecovertible bag, a plush shoulder bag that reuses leather scraps normally bound for the landfill. Unlike most conventional bags, the Ecovertible doesn’t contain vinyl-laden filler AND it’s lined with nature-friendly organic hemp linen, so you won’t be carrying toxic chemicals around town with this bag. Hand made in the US, the Ecovertible can be thrown over a shoulder or converted to a cross body bag. Plus, it’s lightweight and super roomy, so it won’t weigh you down, though a cabinet full of cosmetics will! Get yours at

Give Some Change


Holiday gift giving with the environment in mind is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to give great gifts, just not at the environment’s expense. Enter: the Starter Kit for Change. This all in one gift is great for eco-newbies and includes such earth-friendly items as an Arbor Day Foundation seedling, a CFL lightbulb, gratitude cards, a Sudoku booklet, a journal, a recycled pencil, fair trade hot chocolate, and a reusable cloth tote bag. Best of all, it’s all for just $40 at And hey, you know something’s green when Al Gore gives it a thumbs up.

Board Short


Skateboard tricks aren't just for kids, but don't even think about breaking out that old board, even if you could find it. Instead, old timer, opt for an upgrade. Bamboo SK8 makes light weight 100% bamboo decks (the part of the board you stand on), that are not only stronger than traditional maple they're way more sustainble, too. Bamboo is an easily renewable grass, and unlike maple, it doesn't take 40 years to fully develop. Bamboo SK8 emphasizes its dedication to the environment beyond its use of bamboo through environmentally friendly corporate practices and membership in Action Sports Environmental Coalition. With a bamboo board, you can still really pop, and without any splinters.

What the Fudge!


Eat your fudge with a little less guilt. Allison’s Gourmet is an award-winning online artisan bakery that features organic vegan fudge freshly made with only the finest soy-free and organic ingredients available. Try the original or the one with walnuts—they’re both free of animal ingredients, cholesterol and highly-refined sweeteners. If you feel like sharing your fudge, sign up your friends and family for Allison’s Fudge of the Month Club, which makes monthly delivers of such deliciously fudge-y varieties as butterscotch pecan and peanut buttery chocolate chip. The Allison Gourmet collection also includes gourmet cookies and brownies, vegan chocolates, and organic coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

Roughin' It


You've been seduced by its sparkle before. By the way it glimmers when the light catches it just so. Or how it always twinkles oh-so-brightly, as if a star has fallen from the sky and placed itself ever so sweetly upon your slim little finger. But like all sirens, it was not to be trusted, soon dashing your hopes and dreams on the treacherous rocks with its melodious yet deceptive music. And what was once a girl's best friend has become the kind of friend you fear you could do without. But don’t dismay! You can avoid those dastardly diamonds and precious metals that so often come with conflicts in tow (i.e. using highly toxic cyanide to extract them from the surrounding earth) by delighting in the beauty of Sarah Perlis' new "In the Rough" collection. Made from both 18K and 22K recycled gold, every rough-cut diamond is also responsibly panned (not mined) from Sierra Leone.  Not to mention that they are entirely handmade and, well, just plain gorgeous. Seems like some diamonds really are forever.
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