Cuddly Cause


It’s about time stuffed animals came with a cause. Stephanie McPherson’s Stephanimals line pairs handcrafted stuffed animals with a storybook about animals and the environment to help teach kids about all of nature’s creatures. The books are made from recycled materials, and the animals are stuffed with Eco-Fill, a polyester material made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic bottles. Plus, for each item sold McPherson will donate two dollars to local environmental organizations. Check out Stephanimals’ entire line of nature inspired products.

Cuff 'Em


Rock your wrists off with vintage cuffs made from classic vinyl mint-condition records. These super cool cuffs are plated with rhodium, a platinum metal that looks fantastic and doesn’t tarnish, so they’ll even last after your skinny jeans go out of style (again). Reasonably priced at $48, these cuffs come in black, white, or red. And if you’re hungry for more repurposed items, check out for more ultra fashionable recycled items like wallets made from used rubber tires and drinking glasses made from old beer and soda bottles. Using recycled items never rocked so much.

Packing Some Heat


Colored leaves, warm scarves and woolen mittens, plus the sudden smell of lit-up fireplaces are all signs that Fall has finally arrived. Or perhaps a more substantial clue is that practically every man in site is suddenly rooted to the seat of his sofa (or standing off in the lot of his favorite teams’ stadium) celebrating American tradition. But what would a football game be without at least a little snack action? And with the Baja BBQ firepack you can easily light up your old summer grill and make any number of culinary delights (i.e. bite-sized burgers, mixed veggies kabobs, free-range chicken wings….the list goes on). Basically the Baja consists of packaging made from 100 percent recycled and biodegradable paper pulp plus a two pound piece of lump charcoal, so it lights practically as soon as a match hits it. Even better, it also has an integrated chimney system so coals will get all warm and toasty in only a span of 15-20 minutes (without the use of lighter fluid!). You can purchase this total tailgating necessity at gourmet supermarkets across the US including Raley's and Andronico's.

So Much Cooler


Does buying ice every time you visit the beach or tailgate at your favorite team’s football game leave you cold? Us too, which is why we love the Solar Cooler by Solar-Cool Technologies. This solar-powered refrigerating cooler keeps food cool and fresh without all the melty ice. According to Solar-Cool, the average beach go-er spends over $250 on ice per year.  So, not only does the Solar Cooler cut down on unnecessary water use to make all those teeny ice cubes, it also saves you money. Plus, it can even charge accessories like cell phones, laptops, and portable DVD players. 

Neck Up


With golden leaves a fallin’, chilly breezes a blowin’, and Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes a brewin’, it’s clear that autumn is officially back in business. But unfortunately you’re wardrobe is…well, not. Okay, you’ve probably got the basics (long sleeved shirts, stand-by jeans, and so on and so forth) but maybe you need just that extra little something to make your clothing really sing. And what better way to do that than with Organica Deluxe’s pink silk scarf? Wear it with a light jacket, a solid colored shirt, or even a cute little dress and boots (so many options!). The all natural tassar “ahimsa” silk (the collection of which doesn’t harm the silk moth) will give you that extra bit of warmth you crave without too much added bulk. Plus the purchase of just one scarf provides a livelihood for ten artisans. Sort of makes you fell all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?
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