A piece of art can be a window into someone's deepest thoughts, fears, hopes, or dreams, or at the very least, brighten up a cell-like living space. So, bring a little bit of arty flair from Good Shape Design; whether you're giving a loved one the decorating 411 or making your own eco-statement, you'll never come across as too preachy passing along something this cool. Designer Wayne Pate's silk screens literally frame issues like Reforestation Now (pictured above) in a savvy, but high-concept print (which is also, btw, made from recycled paper). And with a portion of the proceeds going to Trees for the Future Foundation, you can be sure you're putting your money where your, er, eyes are.

Not Your Average Eco Bag


Say eco-bag, and most people visualize a hemp sack full of health-food store groceries or hippie wares. Look no further for exception to the general rule (e.g. designer opulence and eco-practices) than Vegan Queen. This brand uses sustainable practices and environmentally friendly materials to create cruelty-free, cutting edge designs. For instance, the No. 5 diamond bag (pictured above) is a perfectly lux example, made of eco-leather and organic cotton liner, with PVC-free eco-polymers. Let's just say it wouldn't look out of place at the toniest of venues. And, you'll be able to say with complete conviction, that chemically treated logos on Italian leather are soooooo passé.

Head Games


It's getting cold outside, but that doesn't mean there aren't fun projects to do with warm apple cider in hand. Toss the board games and panda puzzles, and instead go on a Cardboard Safari. Sold at the W Hotel Store, these quirky puzzles transform into three-dimensional moose, rhino, and deer heads. Assembly is most definitely required and that's just the fun of it. So break out your crafts boxes and decorate these puzzles, made of 100% recycled paper without any toxic materials. Also, these puzzles make the perfect gifts, especially for those who like nothing better than hunting for must-have eco-decorations.

Dog Days


If you’re like most dog lovers, your favorite pooch will have a gift (or two) waiting for him under the tree this year. On Christmas Day, surprise your friendly Fido with eco-friendly dog treats from Bark for Peace. This brand new “barkery” specializes in delicious vegan, human-grade, and allergen- and gluten-free biscuits and jerky chews that come with tasty ingredients like blueberries, coconut, and sweet potato. Bark for Peace also sells natural soaps infused with organic aloe and oats to soothe, and pure essential oils to deodorize and help repel fleas and ticks. Is your favorite pup in need of a new toy? Give him a Bark for Peace recycled wool tug rope made from old sweaters and keep your dog tugging for hours. Sounds like a regular holiday miracle.

Head Over Heels


For those of you who’ve seen “The Wizard of Oz”, you know that there are just some shoes that a girl could kill for. And the Melissa Vinyl wedge is no exception. Although it doesn’t quite have the sparkle of Dorothy’s duds, it will certainly make you a little more bright-eyed when you find out it’s made from eco shoe designer Melissa’s signature MEXFLEX recycled (and recyclable!) plastic. Not only does it come in a variety of colors (fuchsia, green, grey, and black) so you can pick exactly how bold or neutral you want to go with these amazing t-strap style shoes, it also smells sweetly of bubble gum. Plus all solid, liquid, and gas residues left over from the production process are recycled and dealt with in-house (meaning there’s practically zero waste). And the best part is you don’t have to break your bank account or holiday budget to buy them (or go all the way over the rainbow to find them). They are available for a mere $70 at www.tobi.com.

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