Burn, Baby, Burn


The weather outside may soon be frightful, but your fire will be—all together now—so delightful. When you switch to Java-logs! Using the 20 million pounds of spent grounds that instant coffee companies dispose of each year (which would otherwise be funneled into landfills and release greenhouse gasses during decomposition), Java-log has invented a winter treat that burns three times as bright as regular logs, and seven times cleaner. Want stats? Java-logs emit 96% less residue after combustion, 87% less carbon monoxide, 86% less creosote deposits, and 83% less particulate matter. Those, for the record, are all bad things you don’t want to be emitting or breathing in, so your new fireplace will be green and gold. Best of all, the ashes leftover from your Java-log are perfect for mixing into compost, or in with the soil in your flower beds. Use the company’s store locator to find a shop near you that’s stocking Java-logs.