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Hess Natur is Here!


The Hess Natur fashion show yesterday was doubly important, as it served as the official launch of the German organic clothing line here in the US AND it marked the return of a singular talent, Miguel Adrover, who won the CFDA award in 2000 for the best new designer.

Visibly overcome with emotion, Adrover was not only moved by the praise from the artsy (and eco-minded) crowd at his show at the Matthew Marks gallery, but by the show itself, which he called "the most important collection" to date.

Trying to convey the fluidity of man and nature, Adrover passed on live mannequins and instead showcased each look as its own art installation. Flowing organic alpaca sweaters and linen and silk dresses were draped on trees, each with its own landscape: desert, forest, even polluted ocean to show the vastness of nature, and how fashion, materials, and humanity are "born" from the earth.

I especially like the "lagrima," or “crying,” strapless dress which CEO Wolf Luedge said evoked the choices we make against nature. "Seventy square feet of land is polluted to make one t-shirt, and 2.5 billion t-shirts are made a year. That's a lot of environmental damage."

Luedge was excited to bring on Adrover to help raise not only the brand awareness here in the US, but to also help spread the green message. "While some companies claim to sell organic clothing, at Hess Natur we are eco-conscious at every step of the textile chain." The cute t-shirt they gave away in their goody bag is so chemical-free it doesn't even need to be washed before wearing, which is important for busy tree-hugging New Yorkers.

Adrover's premiere collection is a splendid combo of beautiful and wearable pieces. This nature babe is especially coveting the indigo gradient silk georgette dress! The collection is available at hess-natur.com.

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