Birds of a Feather


We've seen you with that hemp shopper. You know, the one you've been shamelessly referring to as a "purse" for the past few months…yes, we know about that. And yes, we’re blowing your cover! But we get it, really we do. Those sleek leather bags everyone else is carrying around are just so the opposite of what you stand for (not to mention they're just plain boring). But you’ll soon be leaving your excuses at the door once you set your eyes upon an incredible Vegan line known as Sparrow handbags. Designed by Marlena Bryce, the amazing selection of organic cotton and hemp totes, makeup pouches, and shoulder bags come in bold colors and patterns (made using low-impact dyes, of course). Plus the bottoms are cut from recycled Tetra boxes. In short, these are the coolest--no, flyest--bags we've seen in a long, long time.