A Lush Experience


Make bath time fun again! Lush, a purveyor of fresh, handmade cosmetics, takes the boring out of eco-friendly bath gear with fun, environmentally-friendly products like moisturizing body butter bars, ultra-fresh face masks, fragrantly fizzy bath bombs, and golf ball sized bubble bars that’ll turn your tub into a bubble explosion. Best of all, many of Lush’s top sellers are vegan and preservative-free and come in minimal packaging to reduce waste. Try out Lush’s Seanik solid shampoo bar, which smells fantastically tropical and is equal to three regular sized (250 ml) shampoo bottles. Pair it with the Jungle solid conditioner, infused with bananas, avocados, and cocoa butter, and you’ll never want to leave the shower again. Check out for the entire Lush(ious) line.


I was HUGE Lush fan, especially of the solid shampoo bars you mention, until I began to double check some of their ingredients....lots of parabens floatin' around there....i was truly disappointed in them as a company....