Botanical Fanatical


In the summer of 2002, a man by the name of Francesco Clark suffered a serious spinal cord injury after a tragic pool diving accident. Not only did he lose the ability to walk and feel, but also his ability to perspire. Unable to sweat, a slew of skin issues (i.e. chronic breakouts) followed…but fortunately, so did the brilliantly natural skincare line Clark created specially to combat his clogged pores. Totally paraben-free and made with amazing essential oils such as Jasmine Absolute, all eight of the Clark’s Botanicals products deliver some seriously amazing results using solely botanical-based products. And we’re totally swooning over the no-fuss face wash in particular. A delightfully creamy cleanser made with a special non-foaming formula that you can remove using a soft towel rather than the usual rinse-it-off with water routine. It's so simple and soothing, you'll wonder how your skin ever lived without it.


This sounds like a dream come tru- my skin is almost always clogged, can't wait to try! woof!woof! :)