Hold It!


BYOBag is so yesterday—2008 is all BYOSleeve. Coffee cup sleeve, that is. Yes, even the Plenty staffers forget their reusable mugs sometimes, and have to resort to a to-go cup from time to time. When we do, we whip out a coffee cup sleeve for the job—to protect hands from either steaming hot coffee or iced coffee condensation. This sleeve, available for at the Green Home store, is particularly cute. Designed and hand-sewn by artist Michelle Czulada, the sleeves are made from discarded clothing items. Don’t worry: she washes the old clothes before repurposing them to make the sleeves. Get a pack of three for $18, or a pack of four for $25, and sip in style.


These coffee sleeves are beautiful products, but don't really do much good for the environment. After all, it's the 'to-go' coffee cups that are made from fresh-cut trees, not the cardboard sleeves. Even worse, cups can't be recycled (and sleeves can).

If you truly want to put your caffeine habit to work for our planet, use your own reusable coffee cup.

I direct a non-profit which promotes reusable coffee cup use. For more facts/info, stop by my website!

I buy my coffee/tea sleeves on Etsy. They're just as pretty, and handmade by the owner of this shop. They're a lot more inexpensive and prettier, imho.

Not all the coffee cups are bad. A lot of places are switching to recyclable cups.