Towel Off


No matter how you slice it, paper towels are bad news. In fact, if every American family used one fewer 70-sheet roll, we could save half a million trees. But sponges and reusable towels can quickly turn moldy and gross, so what to do? Next time you hit the cleaning supplies aisle, look for EcoSponge and EcoTowl from Pacific Dry Goods. The sponge and towel are made of biodegradable, all-natural viscose—a material that takes practically no toll on the planet (it’s sustainably sourced), absorbs ten times its weight in liquid, wrings out easily, and is extremely durable. And best of all, when your towels or sponges get really dirty, you can throw them right in the washing machine with your laundry. Easy peasy. Sold everywhere from Acme, to Piggly Wiggly, to Safeway, to Whole Foods. EcoTowl (2 per pack):  About $5 for a two-pack of towels, and $3 for a two-pack of sponges.