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Whether you’re baking for birthdays, concocting your latest and greatest pie for this year’s family picnic, or cooking up some delectable cuisine for a certain special lady in your life (ahem!), sometimes it is just so unbelievably tempting to heat everything through in one of those tin foil containers. With a simple toss into the trashcan, your mess has miraculously disappeared, and you can even leave your leftovers behind without even batting an eyelash! Oh, the freedom!...and, well, the garbage. Now you can keep your food practically trash-free with Lorena Barrezueta’s Gourmet collection of porcelain trays and carryout dishes. They still have the nostalgia you feel when you look at those good ole’ foil containers, a family-party staple, but they’re made from durable porcelain with a food-safe glaze so you can eat to your heart’s eco-content. Plus, Barrezueta uses sustainable practices when crafting her gorgeous pieces, like re-using porcelain scraps and only heating up the kiln when it is completely full of her colorful creations. Our compliments to the chef. 

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