Feel the Love


Sons and daughters listen up: Every woman has a natural pout, when perplexed by an eco-conundrum, the sub-prime mortgage market, or at the very least another rainy day. To achieve this look cosmetically (and happily), most women, including your mother, have a signature lipstick in their arsenal. Too bad what eventually happens to that lipstick packaging gives us all something to pout about. Enter CARGO PlantLove, a brilliant line of lipsticks with seeds embedded in Polylactic Acid (aka corn) paper, that won’t create more greenhouse gases and biodegrades in 47 days, eventually transforming into wild flowers. With star power from celebrity moms like Kim Raver, Angie Harmon, and Denise Richards, who each designed shades of the collection, and proceeds benefiting St. Jude's, this line is set to create even more PlantLove.