Fool's Gold


Have you ever seen a bag as stunning as this Fendi number, made from a mix of metallic cork? Sure it’s $1450, but it’s eco, all right, and who can put a price on saving the planet? After all, the cork industry is generally a sustainable one: Environmentally sensitive production coupled with easy recycling makes cork an obvious choice for a luxury tote. (Of course, the cork coats a layer of leather, but that’s not the point.) In addition to lending an aura of cool sophistication to your outfit, Fendi’s eco-tote also makes the perfect urban laptop bag. Imagine it—you, typing away, researching ways to save the planet while contributing to that salvation by sheer virtue of your good (and conscientious!) taste. When you put it that way, you can’t afford not to buy this bag!  

Editor’s Note: Gotcha! Though we applaud Fendi’s use of cork and encourage them to broaden their use of sustainable materials in the future, we couldn’t resist a bit of humor at their expense. Happy April Fool’s Day!