Do the Math


What Terra Pass’ new carbon calculator lacks in tangibility (it’s an online service, not a “product,” per se), it more than makes up for in awesomeness. The next time you plan to take a trip in your car, hit the site to see how much CO2 you’ll be emitting (just enter the year, make, and model of your car, then the number of miles you’ll travel), and then, of course, offset those emissions through Terra Pass. The calculator has recently been updated, and now offers nifty “alternative fuel” options, in case you’re filling up on biodiesel, flex fuel ethanol, CNG (compressed natural gas), or any other alt. fuel. The calculator is also newly outfitted to translate emissions results into “CO2 per mile,” so you can see how much you’re putting out compared to what the damage you’d have done if you’d taken a bus or train. Keep an eye out for air-travel-related updates soon.