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All Watered Down


As the weather warms up, there are certain activities that are bound to, er, abound: cute little crocuses begin to bloom, critters start to twitter, and your car (yes, the one still covered in grime from last winter’s snow storm) finally demands a deep-cleaning. But do you really want to take your ride to a car wash where it will inevitably get doused in gallons of precious (and probably totally drinkable) water? Heck no! Put a stop to all this wasted water once and for all with Lucky Earth’s “Waterless” Car Wash. VOC-, dye-, fragrance-, and paraben-free, this smart little spray is not only environmentally safe, but also completely hypo-allergenic. Plus you can use it on every single surface in your car, such as paint, glass, plastic, or chrome! Can we get a Vroom, Vroom, please?


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