Fresh Start


It cannot be denied that most people would prefer it if their kitchen looked spic and span, perhaps even sparkled in its complete and constant cleanliness. And yet, who would ever want to cover their countertops, sleek silverware and dainty dishes in toxic chemicals masquerading as home cleaners? But now with Williams-Sonoma’s new line of Pure & Green products, you won’t ever have to sacrifice your safety for that oh-so-desired sparkle. While their products come in six lovely scents, we particularly love their selection in the Meyer Lemon Parsley. Not only are they totally free of harsh chemicals, but are also made from natural elements, like the essential oils derived from the zest of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. Add in the cool compliment of parsley and packaging made from recycled plastic, and you’ve got yourself a lavish set of lotions and sudsy soaps that are just utterly refreshing. How delightful.