Ethical Fashionista


It can be difficult to navigate the new green clothing lines popping up all over the place. Here to help is a new UK-based fashion Web site called Fashion Conscience, which scouts all over the world for green designers and vets their designs for trendy treehuggers like you. From organic denim to eco bathing suits, the user-friendly, look-alike site has it all; you could, in theory, buy your entire wardrobe here—underwear to outerwear. Search by designer, clothing item, or price, and check out Fashion Conscience news updates and trendwatch pieces. Every time you add an item to your shopping cart, little green symbols indicating “sustainable,” “fair trade,” “organic,” “recycled,” and other eco-qualifications will appear on the side of your screen. Just don’t forget you’re looking at British pounds, not American dollars, when you peek at price tags!