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They slip through your fingers like grains of sand, fall from your bag like bricks bound for the ground, and always (always!) find their way underneath the largest possible book in your backpack—breaking the screen and, oh, probably just a million other little (vital) pieces. Is there no safe haven left for your must-have mobile devices? Perhaps! Protect your essential electronics with Livity Outernational’s new line of X Boost device cases. Each cute, er, manly case is crafted from durable canvas that’s not only made from 100 percent organic cotton, but also trimmed with binding made from recycled plastic water bottles. With four fabulous size selections and three gorgeous color varieties, you can match and attach your case to any bag or personality style. And let’s face it, protecting your phone, mp3 player, Blackberry, whatever, with sustainability and style is an absolute must these days. Case closed.

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