Wax on, Wax off


This product has more to do with car washing than waxing, but who can resist a Karate Kid reference? In anticipation of spring (and because we're craving warmer weather), let’s talk about workin’ at the car wash. Kids love a good carwash frolic in the driveway, but all the fun comes at a cost: The average driveway scrub-down can use anywhere from 80-140 gallons of water. Next time your wheels get grimy, try Eco Touch, a waterless car wash and polish spray. Its formula is non-toxic and biodegradable, which will give your poor lawn a nice break from all the chemicals in conventional carwash formulas. One 22oz bottle of Eco Touch ($10) will see you through 4-8 washes.


Another great brand of waterless car wash is called Green Earth. Non-toxic obviously, and if you buy a kit for about $35, you get a bottle of car wash, a bottle of tire wash and 3 cloths. These kinds of products are a no-brainer -- even if the environment is not your greatest concern, you cut your wash time in half because there's no need to race the sun with wiping down the car when it's still wet...because it isn't. A few big Lexus dealers are using this stuff, which is great news because imagine the water a dealership goes through.

They're called Lucky Earth now. I totally agree - recently ordered a gift bag from Lucky Earth and can't believe how well it works. Also, I did my research and it looks as if Lucky Earth uses coconuts, making their product "Hypo-Allergenic" - an awesome difference that tells me they really care. Every little bit seems to matter when you're preventing the planet from having hot flashes!