The Eyes Have It


Admit it. Your abusive relationship with your glasses isn't something you want to change. Of course you sleep on them, sit on them, and like nothing better than violently grabbing them off the bedside table, but that doesn't mean your favorite pair of frames has to show the daily wear and tear. Enter Amy Sacks' fantastically durable, eco-eyewear collection, featuring luxe eyeglasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. Made of bamboo, Sacks' collection is able to sustain your daily use, as much as the environment. Bamboo is a renewable resource, as strong as oak and completely biodegradable. So regardless which of the four styles (Masa Mahogony, Masa Moss, Takeh Nori, Takeh Tempura) you choose, you can be sure your vision will be as clear as your conscious.