Put a Cork in It


What’s more fun than a bottle of champagne? Finding an artistic and clever way to repurpose the oft-tossed cork. Enter Design Within Reach’s annual Holiday Champagne Chair Contest. More than 500 entries flew in from around the world (digitally, of course), with riffs on classics like high-backs and sofas, as well as one-of-a-kind creations. These chairs are teeny, tiny works of art executed so masterfully that scale ceases to matter and for a second or two, you actually don’t notice the size of the chairs. We can’t imagine how many hours it took the winners to create their mini seats, but we’re glad they put forth effort. Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Miwa Kleyla (Block B Chair), Staff Favorite Matthew Glaysher (Weekend Bender), and Popular Vote Winner Akai Yang (2-Player).