Gold Standard


Ethical jewelry isn’t hard to come by these days. Good-looking ethical jewelry—well, that’s another story. We love Toby Pomeroy’s high-end baubles and Christiane Diehl’s thrifty rubberband creations, but when it comes to everyday pieces you can dress up or dress down, we keep coming back to Dogeared. Founded by designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke in LA (where else?), the cult brand is famous for their gold and silver charm necklaces with peacenik names like karma and shine. But Maizel-Clarke’s designs do more than just spread feel-good messages. In addition to a diligent recycling program that extends to Dogeared’s catalogs, office supplies, and gold and silver scraps (among other areas), the company is committed to the health and safety of their employees and uses a green caster to create eco-friendly jewelry molds. Why? Because Dogeared believes in “putting good energy into the world one jewel at a time.” Check out for the full collection.